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Plot Twist: You're really attractive, and everyone likes you and is jealous of you, you have a great social life, you're smart, you're popular, you have a banging body and everyone wants to date you.



All the memories come rushing back unexpectedly, there’s nothing you can do to stop yourself from thinking about the past. The moments you shared with that special someone, wishing you could re-live it again but without the mistakes. The aching feeling deep inside your chest, it hurts more than words can describe. 

Why is this so relevant

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Have you ever liked someone, even though you know there would be a good chance you two would never last? But you just want to try. To be with them for as long as possible, until that one day comes and you two don’t even acknowledge each others existence anymore. You go all the way back to square one, as strangers, but with a history. All those memories and moments can’t be erased, and they’ll always be there, reminding you about a person who was once your everything.

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They act differently when they’re with family members, best friends, friends, teachers, strangers, kids, people they hate, or that special someone they love. Everyone acts differently with certain people , in a good way and/or in a bad way .